John Stregger CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., Partner

"John has been invaluable in helping organize my thoughts and opinions on wealth management. He has assisted me in rebalancing my portfolios to be more relative to my age and earning power, and providing me with a plan B for my retirement years. John's advice has been thought provoking, and has been presented in much greater detail than my stockbroker, accountant or investment manager have ever offered. I very much like the independent approach to viewing all facets of savings, growth and preparing for the future, rather than a single sales pitch from a single firm. I consider John my overall financial analyst, and look forward to a continuing relationship."

K. Barkley
President & CEO, ACE INA Insurance

"I have worked with and relied on John Stregger over the past 8 years for his valuable guidance on investment planning and insurance needs. John provides a rare combination of personal and professional service, always keeping abreast of current wealth management strategies and helping me understand and customize solutions that to fit my short and long-term goals. Something else that is very important to me is being able to work with an advisor who has adopted the same investment principles being provided to his clients. I appreciate and trust John's expertise immensely and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else."

T. Jandu
Performance and Training Consultant

“John Stregger has worked as my financial advisor for about 6 years. My life is busy, complicated, and I have no time to manage my own investments. From day one, I needed someone that I could trust, and that I knew understood where I was at in my life and what my investment strategy objectives were. That strategy has changed over the years as my needs have changed, and John has always been there to give me valuable input about options and choices. When he suggests that I consider a different investment or a new strategy, he has always examined the possibilities in terms of my lifestyle. I am not merely one of his clients… I feel we are truly partners.”

B. Barde
President, Up Front Entertainment

"In the years I have worked with John, his advice and recommendations have provided me with tremendous focus on my financial direction. He patiently listens to my goals and vision, assists me in understanding the financial foundation I need to achieve those goals, and consistently maintains contact and support at each step in the process."

L. Kember
President, Hyperactive Communications