David Cooke, Partner

"When my wife and I set out to find sound financial advice, we faced a sea of countless offers and opportunities. But, David's clear and concise approach gave us the comfort we needed to move forward with confidence."

Mark Forsyth

“David Cooke takes the time to understand his clients' personal needs, even making topics such as life insurance and investments easily understood. I am confident that David is always looking out for my family's best interests. He is personable and always available to discuss your family's' financial needs and concerns. Highly recommended.”

Dominic Sciullo
Senior Producer, CHUM Television

"I very much enjoy addressing my financial needs with Dave, in particular because he always demonstrates an extremely high level of integrity in his work. David showed us how to make all of our financial decisions complement each other. We didn't realize that some of our previous choices were canceling out some of our gains. The process is very eye opening. I would certainly recommend him to people seeking a consultation with someone who is able to both draw on a wide body of expertise, and at the same time provide a personal and honest touch to his work."

Andrew Mitchell